It is what it is

Staring the horizon
The other side of the world
Breathing the thin air
that smell like roses

The shadows pull me
Through a thousand clocks

Running in circle
Swing through the wind
Smiling, laughing
Seeking and hiding
In the colourful playground
Sarcastically believing
It is what it is

In a second,
Curtain was torn down
Glasses shattered at the sound of a horn
The silent blow of whispers 
Dancing in the air
Like petals with a curse
It is à cruel curse

Running in circle
Holding it tight
Dancing, smiling, laughing
Believing it is what it is

In a thousand  clocks
Petals swing with the sound
Cursing at the fall
Not knowing it is a lovely cursed

Walking on the path
Smelling the lavenders
It is a curse i should have start
Many years ago

The smell of roses
The fallen petals
Shimmers the butterfly
Hurrying to the horizon 
Believing it is what is

I feel like cursing today Well, I’ve been doing that almost everyday Whenever it crosses my mind How fucked up you guys were
I couldn’t believe How I spent most of my life With a bitch or I would rather call babiturat It’s just disgusting to even speak or hear her name Not to forget that bastard
I couldn’t believe I wasted most of my life Believing I have them who will always stand behind me I couldn’t believe I gave all my trust To an unknown devil.
There won’t be a single day in my life I’ll forget all the shits they have given me Never have I felt this much of hatred, It will remain forever till the end of the day.
So just fuck off Your cry won’t be heard Your sympathy is like shits to me Your apology just disgusts me You can just go to hell.
Trust… I will never trust anyone As much as I always did
Friends, bullshits… What are friends for when they just come and go? Treat me whenever they want, and ignore me when ever they have others? WTF? I don’t have time to play with immatu…

death note

I was standing in the darkFeeling empty and useless I stare my life before my eyes I wasn't sure of my existence
I feel the breeze touches my skin It was my soul floating helplessly Separated from my body
I tried to shout But no one cares not even my own body I stood still staring the endless lane Looking into the darkness Looking for a shine to arise
But i know thats not my true wishes I never had any wishes I do not want to wish I want to vanished and let the tales end


Im back in the office feeling so sleepy I'm lazy to do my things So i would like to write few things...
Sleep late again last nite I had a good time, almost won the pool game by myself Damn Robin is too good. Rafiee u need more practice! :P
Fussball not as interesting as usual Robin did thought few hard trick, so probably we can used it against Malek next time We need to unite strongly to make Malek cry and beg for us to let him win!
Good backpackers place, i really like it Thats good enough for our trip in the future. Lots off bulehhh too :D.
Wonder if we gonna hang out with Robin again tonite at his bar? Can cuci mata there, probably getting new bulehh?
Oh by the way Malek, fortunately 'they' did not caught us breaking their things last time :) So, we r free to conquer that place again! Muahaha Finally :p!!
Tomorrow as usual swimming and hang out with other people plak, I have no time for my ownself for the past 3 months!! I need a rest!! i want to just lying down and day dreaming for 1 …

sudden death

I haven't write for so long, i'm so bz with my job. The DoSM project will end this month and my house hopefully will be completed by end of this month too.
However i wasn't about to update my life. I was called to write on this blog after i heard about my neighbor's son sudden death. He was killed in an accident. Probably died instantly. I dont really know the real story yet.
I was so shocked and feel terribly sad for the family although i never speaks with him. What i had in mind was, he' young only 22 or 23, he still studying, he's the first born child, he's the man of the house and his parents really pay alot for his future. He died without warning.
I was like ... OMG what if that happened to me. I died suddenly. The moment u wake up u were in different world... u have so many unfinished business... but u are not able to turn back time. Im just not ready yet...
Life is too short, we have no power upon our faith. Is it worth living if we wont be able to get …

Happy 2010!

Happy 2010! i always love this number :PSo as usual lets list out my complete resolution:1.Camera - Completed hehe got myself new Nikon S600, im quite satisfied with it except the battery heat problem and the poor video capture. Going to send for services and try ask for the new 1.
2. Hand Phone - I want e66 - Completed but not e66 :(
3. Forecast for at least RM5k profits from my online business - hope i can :P - At least half of it, i wish i have more time!
4. Fly to Indonesia and makes business with Indonesian wholesaler - Not Completed
5. Take IELTS - Not Completed
6. Apply for Scholarship/Master degree - Not Completed
7. Expand my business. - Yup just started
8. Buy my own apartment for investment - Not Completed
9. Take my mom and my sis & bro to Redang - Not CompletedLooks like most of my last year resolutions is not completed. Jeez..Ok My 2010 resolutions
I havent really thought of any great resolutions for 2010. Perhaps try to complete the resolutions i havent completed yet1. Fl…


My life hasn't been that normal lately. So i got my sweet revenge last weekend after a long busy months i had. It was a terrible life doing DOSM & BGSP project. Our frustration is due to the ignorance we received from our management level. It's been 4 years and nothing has been change to improved certain thing and all the management fuss that yet to fulfilled makes us feel even bored. It makes "us" want to run away, but we cant. We've been bond. So the plan was to see how our management will appreciate us by end of this financial year. If not we just have to do something about it.So what i did during weekend: Eat what i want to eat, spent my credit card without thinking (luckily i forgot about keyboard or plasma tv or video cam or nokia e66, still have my senses i guess), playing pool and fussball, watched 2 great movies: Storm Riders and Avatar.
There's no other word for Avatar besides AWESOME!! Especially the idea of glow in the dark world. I wish i have…